DUBAI | 11-13 Nov, 2014
  • LPGtrade Awards Night 2014

    LPGtrade Awards Night 2014

  • New Competition in the Global LPG Market

    New Competition in the Global LPG Market

CMT to hold LPGtrade Awards 2014 under its flagship event – 9th LPG Trade Summit

LPGtrade Awards Night 2014CMT is proud to announce the LPGtrade Awards Night to be held at the 9th LPGtrade Summit this November 11-13 in Dubai.

CMT will recognize the outstanding contributions by LPG industry players with four categories of awards:

  1. Best Trading Company 2014
  2. Best Logistics Partner (Shipping) 2014
  3. Best Broker 2014
  4. Personality of the Year 2014

The LPGtrade Awards night promises a huge congregation of the LPG industry stakeholders, who also partake in the 3 day conference. It is also expected that networking on the Awards Night will be a key reason for attendance, where buyers, suppliers and industry stakeholders are expected to forge partnerships.

The CMT LPGtrade Awards 2014 will be decided strictly on the basis of voting. Nomination for the 4 award categories are already declared open and closes on July 31, 2014.

Questions related to LPG Trade Awards 2014 can be directed to Ms. Huiyan at or +65 6346 9113.

More information on the LPG Trade Awards 2014 is available on the 9th LPG Trade Summit website>>>

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Read extensive media coverage below by Qatari press on our 8th LPG Trade Summit held recently in Doha Qatar on 18-20 Nov

Can Abu Dhabi match top LPG producer Qatar?

With two new gas projects coming onstream, Abu Dhabi’s LPG output is set to see a stark increase of 3.6 million mt from this year’s output to 13.761 million mt by 2017, rocking Qatar’s status as the top Middle Eastern LPG producer and exporter.

The two new gas projects comprise of the 3.3 million mt/yr Integrated Gas Development and 810,000mt/yr Shah Gas Development, both slated to come onstream in the fourth quarter of 2013 and 2014 respectively.

LPG production in Abu Dhabi is forecasted to see an 11-12% increase over the next two years before slowing down to hit 13.761 million mt in 2017. Despite the substantial growth, the actual export values cannot be determined as the region’s domestic demand is growing as well.

Apart from potential increase in power utilities, Abu Dhabi will also see a greater cut of LPG going towards the petrochemical sector with the development of Madeenat ChemaWeyaat Al Gharbia chemicals industrial city in western Abu Dhabi. Fortunately, Qatar’s increased attention in its petrochemicals sector will also see an increased consumption in Qatar’s LPG feedstock.

With new projects and plans coming onstream, the LPG sector in Middle East remains competitive, presenting multiple opportunities and possibilities. Industry leaders are set to convene in Doha this November 18-20 at CMT’s 8th LPG Trade Summit for more timely updates, discussions and networking opportunities.

For  more information on the 8th LPG Trade Summit, visit the Event Page or contact Ms. Huiyan at or Tel. +65 6346 9113.

Read more: Abu Dhabi set to rival Qatar as top LPG producer: ADNOC exec

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Shale LPG fuels U.S. to become net exporter and propels China’s PDH projects

Game-changing shale LPG has charged up U.S., making it a net exporter for the first time in 40 years.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in the first 11 months of 2012, daily LPG shipments were recorded at 194,000 barrels, higher than the country’s imports which stood at 169,700 barrels.

Seaborne LPG trade is expected to increase about 16% from 2010’s figures to 100.6 million metric tons this year, with U.S. exports likely to chalk up more than 5 million tons this year, up from last year’s 3.7 million. Encouraging industry signs have also put a forecast figure of next year’s export at 7 million tons.

Exports of propane will also see a positive upturn as Asia’s giant, China, creates a surge in demand in lieu of the 17 new propane dehydrogenation projects (PDH) that are coming onstream as soon as 2015. Although China can import high-purity propane from both US and Middle East, the lower cost US shale gas-derived propane is a major draw for the industry and is likely to cause a shift in trade.

The shale gas phenomena will have a ripple effect on the logistics and shipment sector, where service providers are likely to witness an uptake in business. Orders have since been sent out from shipyards, requesting for vessels specially designed to cater to LPG and petrochemical gases transportations, leading to a huge impact on the sector although the types and numbers of ships required is still unknown. As of now, ZOUEC is building six vessels with a shipbuilder, with the first 44,000 tonnes capacity LPG vessel coming onstream by the end of 2014.

The LPG industry remains upbeat as the shale gas boom brings more opportunities and interest areas in both upstream and downstream sectors.

Further discussions on the trade dynamics and market outlook will commence in Doha this November 18-20 when industry leaders convene at the 8th LPG Trade Summit.

For more information on the summit, please visit the Event Page or contact Ms. Huiyan at or Tel. +65 6346 9113.

Read more:
Shale LPG poised to make U.S. net exporter for first year
China propane imports to surge on new PDH projects


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Bayegan endorses 7th LPG Trade Summit as Platinum Sponsor and host of Gala Dinner in Istanbul

In less than a month, key industry players and experts will be convening in Istanbul, Turkey, for the 2 day 7th LPG Trade Summit, organized by CMT with Platinum Sponsor, Bayegan.

An industry powerhouse with proven track record, Bayegan will play host of the Gala Dinner at the Galata Tower, one of the most striking landmarks in the city. All the speakers and participants of the event are invited to the dinner, a perfect opportunity to network and socialize while enjoying the scenic night view of the surrounding that exudes a tinge of historical elegance and rich Turkish culture. A line-up of orchestra and other performances has also been arranged to make this trade event a memorable one. See program itinerary below:

7th LPG Trade SummitGala Dinner at the Galata Tower

19:00 – Gather at Mövenpick Hotel lobby for transfer

19:30 – Arrive at Galata Tower

19:45 – Networking Reception

20:00 – Orchestra starts, followed by Dinner

20:30 – Performance

23:00 – Transfer Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul

Dress code: Business Casual

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to meet experts and decision makers from the industry. Register your team now or contact Ms. Huiyan at for further queries.

Click HERE for the full agenda! 

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8% increase in LPG exports from ME to Asia; exports are main driver behind ships market growth

Global maritime consultants Drewry said in a report that the LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) exports from the Middle East to Asia have driven the steady growth of the LPG fleet worldwide. It forecasts that due to strong LPG exports, demand for vessels will remain firm.

The industry analyst said the LPG shipping market has gained steadily over the year. Drewry said that firm demand from Asia and increased exports from Middle East have kept the market for larger vessels afloat. LPG export from Middle East to the Asian market grew 8% quarter on quarter to 8.7 million tons in April-June and 7% higher than in the same period last year.

Drewry said in a statement that rising LPG supply in Middle East coupled with relatively lower prices prompted nations to store. “Almost all Asian countries seemed to be scurrying to fill up their stocks in view of lower prices, coupled with instances of loading and unloading delays at a few ports, which further held up tonnage.”

More updates on outlook of LPG shipping market & freight rates will be available at the 7th LPG Trade Summit in Istanbul on 12-13 November. Pre-Register now or contact Ms. Huiyan at for further queries.

Read complete article here.


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Global LPG demand on all-time high; rises by 1.4%

Heavy global extraction and refining of natural gas and oil is generating mass quantities of LPG for shipment. According to Oslo consultants, Lorentzen & Stemoco A/S, LPG trade will rise 3.9% this year and fleet growth by 2%. Five analysts’ estimates compiled by Bloomberg revealed that Exmar NV which operates 29 vessels will return to profit. The Middle East ranked the highest in export, while Asia is the largest buyer. Asia will use 3.4% more as shipments from the Middle East. The Middle East will also account for 29% of production growth and Asia, 90% of additional buying.

In the past decade, there has been a growing need for Exmar and BW Group Ltd.’s ships as global refinery capacity rose 11%. Steve Engelen, the manager of research and projects at Joachim Grieg & Co., said, “This market was in the doldrums for years, but now there are not many new ships and volumes are increasing. The additional volumes of LPG in the Middle East are so big they have to export, rather than consume them domestically.”

Also, JBC Energy’s findings confirm that global LPG demand will advance 1.4% to an all-time high of about 232 million tons this year.

In view of the rising supply and demand of LPG, the global LPG market, Incremental production & export growth in Black Sea, Middle East, North Africa and North Sea, as well as China & rest of Asia’s LPG demand are some of the key insightful topics that will shape the discussions at CMT’s upcoming 7th LPG Trade Summit on 12-13 November 2012 in Istanbul.

Watch this space for conference details which will be available soon. Meanwhile, one can Pre-Register to reserve places for the event.

For further details, contact

View complete article here.

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Speaker Profile: Peter Manning, Consultant, Poten & Partners (UK) Ltd

Joined Poten & Partners (UK) Ltd, London in 1998 as petrochemical and natural gas liquids consultant. Previously, in 1993, set up Peter Manning Associates, providing the Association of Petrochemical Producers in Europe (APPE) with a quarterly report on Global Petrochemical Site Margin performance. In 1986 started up European office for CMAI – CMAI Europe – and oversaw the development of single and multiclient studies on petrochemical markets. Prior to that with Trichem Consultants and editor of European Chemical News (now ICIS Chemical Business) Career began with Esso Chemical at Fawley after graduating from Nottingham University with a degree in Chemical Engineering.

6th LPG Trade Summit 2011 Istanbul Speaker
Day 1 – Monday, October 31
09:25   The Changing Dynamics of Global LPG Trade

The 6th LPGtrade Summit provides an unrivalled platform for industry experts to network and exchange information on issues that shape the growth of the global LPG sector. To find more about 6th LPG Trade Summit in Istanbul from October 31 to November 2, 2011, please visit

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Speaker Profile: Abdulla Sultan Al Nuaimi, Gas Sales Manager, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)

Mr. Abdulla S. Al-Nuaimi graduated from Boston University with Master degree in Administrative studies with the concentration in Multinational Commerce. He’s been with ADNOC from more than 9 years. He worked as Sales Coordinator for Crude and Condensate Division and on July 2008, he was promoted as Gas Sales Manager looking after all Natural Gas and the LPG Sales locally and internationally.

6th LPG Trade Summit 2011 Istanbul Speaker
Day 1 – Monday, October 31
11:15   Abu Dhabi’s LPG: Production/Exports Outlook vs Domestic Demand, Marketing Plans Ahead

The 6th LPGtrade Summit provides an unrivalled platform for industry experts to network and exchange information on issues that shape the growth of the global LPG sector. To find more about 6th LPG Trade Summit in Istanbul from October 31 to November 2, 2011, please visit

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Speaker Profile: Ms. Wunmi Onile-Ere, Trader, Oando Supply and Trading

Wunmi Onile-Ere joined Oando Supply and Trading in Nigeria in 2008 and has held various escalating roles with the company from covering Market Analysis to Trading and Distribution Supervision. She currently runs the company’s gasoline importation and distribution, the largest portfolio for an independent company in Nigeria. Oando Supply and Trading is a subsidiary of Oando plc, Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading integrated energy group. In 2010, she spear-headed the reemergence of LPG in the group’s trading portfolio; since then Oando has quickly become an active participant in regional LPG exportation and importation.

Prior to this, she worked for BP Integrated Supply and Trading in various roles in California and Chicago, in addition to a role as sole LPG Scheduler at BP Cherry Point Refinery, Washington State, U.S. Wunmi is a graduate of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where she earned a B.A. in Economics and International Areas Studies.

6th LPG Trade Summit 2011 Istanbul Speaker
Day 1 – Monday, October 31
16:45   Trader’s Perspective on the Emerging West Africa (Nigeria) LPG’s Market

The 6th LPGtrade Summit provides an unrivalled platform for industry experts to network and exchange information on issues that shape the growth of the global LPG sector. To find more about 6th LPG Trade Summit in Istanbul from October 31 to November 2, 2011, please visit

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