About CMT

Centre for Management Technology (CMT) is a world leader in petrochemical conferences operating in over 23 countries. CMT is dedicated to the provision of the latest global technology and business information in the petrochemical industry through high profile conferences focusing on renewable energy sources. CMT is dedicated to organizing leading conferences on Liquid Natural Gas, LPG, future fuels like Biodiesel, Biofuels and alternative energy like Coal to Liquids, Gas to Liquids, Biomass to Liquid Technology and this has established CMT as the market leader in promoting this nascent industry as an alternative global powerhouse.

Participants at its conferences leave armed with the latest knowledge on the industry and enriched with the exposure and networking experience with the global participants in the industry. In the current climate of fear of energy depletion from conventional fuel and spiraling energy costs, the only alternative and competitive edge is instant access to the latest comprehensive information on the current state of the industry. CMT has with its 30 years of unstinting performance played a dominant and significant role in the industry and has provided its large reservoir of participants at its conferences a wealth of knowledge which they treasure.

Today in its 30 years of operation, CMT has forged relationship with every leading player in the industry and domain experts who make it a cardinal necessity to participate in its conferences.

The Secret Behind the Success of Our Events

Apart from thematic relevance of the events, CMT events feature some of the best faculties in respective fields so that you can benefit from their vast knowledge and business acumen. This holds as much for the seminars on renewable energy sources where the knowledgeable orators spread renewable energy news among the gathering. This exchange of information paced up the search for alternative energy sources and aided the evolution of renewable energy technologies.

The other highlight of the CMT-organized events is the intellectual gathering of high-level delegates from around the world. These luminaries truly aid the cause they endorse through these events as is aptly acknowledged by the renewable energy source conventions.

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